York City Police launches ‘Handle With Care’ registry for residents with special needs

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — This is certainly not a new problem. And it’s not a brand new solution.

But now York City Police Department is urging residents to advise police to ‘handle with care’ – that’s the name of the registry – family members who have special needs that police need to know about before answering a call.

“You take years of information” – a history of mental illness, for example – “and feed it to an officer who has minutes to make a decision,” said Michael Muldrow, York City Police Commissioner. .

York residents can register here.

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The idea?

“To try to prevent some of the negative, unintended consequences that you see when officers respond to people in crisis and with mental illness, like some of the cases we’ve seen in Philadelphia and Lancaster and so on,” Muldrow said. .

He said that in shaping York’s version of “Handle With Care”, he was inspired by his experience as the former Chief of Police for York City Schools. The idea of ​​gathering a lot of information about individuals before meeting them actually has a longer history in school policing than in municipal departments, Muldrow said.

Muldrow said things like the registry — through which residents can, for example, notify police of the types of actions that could “trigger” a vulnerable person’s escalation — are just a first phase of the program. The city also integrates its own full-time “co-sponsor”.

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