Umpqua Kennel Club, Inc. – Friday, September 9, 2022

Show name: Umpqua Kennel Club, Inc.
Location: Roseburg, OR
Date of the show: Friday, September 9, 2022
Total entry: 699
Best Show Judge: Mrs. Yvonne Savard

Reg Dog: GCHG Crivitz Humphrey Bogart Von Diable [Dog]
Raising: Standard Schnauzer
Manager: Tiffany Skinner
Owner: A Shaffer, J Low, W Matthews and T Skinner
Breeder: A Shaffer

Reserve Dog Reg: GCHS Cloudpointe Ringside Gossip [Dog]
Reserve breed: Norwegian Buhund
Reserve Manager: Amie McLaughlin
Reserve Owner: A McLaughlin & O Stensen

Jock Judge’s name: Mr. Richard J. Lewis

Total entry: 86
Reg Dog: GCH Boardwalk Here comes the sun TKI ATT VSWB [Dog]
Raising: Lagotti
Manager: Tiffany Skinner
Owner: A Ross & A Killeen
Dog Reg: GCHB My-Ida-Ho N Conquests Make Your Mark [Dog]
Breed: Spaniel (Cocker) Party
Administrator :
Owner: S Gerling & M Rorres-Young
Dog Reg: GCHS Mi Jeans Everyone’s Favorite [Bitch]
Breed: Spaniel (English Cocker Spaniel)
Manager: Jennifer Holmberg
Owner: T Escalle & J Holmberg
Dog Reg: GCH Setr Ridges Creek Crossing Always on My [Dog]
Breed: Setter (English)
Administrator :
Owner: N Alexander & M Newman

Dog Judge’s name: Mr. Jon R. Cole

Total entry: 82
Reg Dog: GCHS Morozova Reys Summerlane Wind Rider [Dog]
Raising: Borzoi
Responsible: Robin Stachon
Owner: K Novotny, A Quinn & J Adams
Breeder: K Novotny, J Adams & A Quinn
Dog Reg: GCHG Whirlaway Diablos Bare Knuckle Brawler [Dog]
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
Responsible: Elizabeth Nelson
Owner: N Faville, L Fitzgerald & G Campbell
Breeder: Lynn Fitzgerald, Jennifer Lazowski & Christine Kitsch
Dog Reg: GCHS Windbourne Remy Martin [Bitch]
Breed: Black and Tan Coonhound
Manager: Tiffany Skinner
Owner: S Campbell & T & S Skinner
Dog Reg: GCH Bazinga Hat 4 You At Rocknpharaohs [Dog]
Race: Pharaoh’s Hound
Administrator :
Owner: D Cooper & B Clooten

Work Judge’s name: Mr. Philip K. Freilich

Total entry: 86
Dog Reg: GCHG Crivitz Humphrey Bogart Von Diable [Dog]
Raising: Standard Schnauzer
Manager: Tiffany Skinner
Owner: A Shaffer, J Low, W Matthews and T Skinner
Breeder: A Shaffer
Dog Reg: GCHB Starlaine Standing Ovation [Dog]
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Responsible: Andy Linton
Owner: K Kato, K Schoning & E Hopper
Breeder: E Hopper, D Kemp, VC Holmes & F&D Sparagna
Dog Reg: GCH Lasquites A Who Dat On The Ponderosa [Dog]
Breed: Saint Bernard
Handler: Martin Glover
Owner: T&M Shores
Dog Reg: GCHS Paradises Raiden God of Thunder CGC [Dog]
Breed: Akita
Administrator :
Owner: K Petrina & R Medlicott

Terrier Judge’s name: Mrs. Linda L. Wells

Total entry: 100
Reg Dog: GCHS Aimhi Head Dover Pumps [Bitch]
Raising: smooth fox terrier
Manager: Amy Rutherford
Owner: A Rutherford, P Holson & B Miller
Dog Reg: GCHB Kallehans Cash Deposit for Los Carneros [Dog]
Breed: Kerry Blue Terrier
Responsible: Bill McFadden
Owner: J Saemann, S Schuette & N Han
Breeder: J Saemann, S Schuette & N Han
Dog Reg: GCHS Lotus Mic Drop [Dog]
Breed: Miniature Bull Terrier
Responsible: Luke Baggenstos
Owner: R & P Briganti & L & R Baggenstos
Dog Reg: GCh Emerald Isles Tipperary [Bitch]
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Administrator :
Owner: P O’Brien

Toy Judge’s name: Dr. Vandra L. Huber

Total entry: 124
Dog Reg: CH Dan-Star-Kom Merry Russian Lord [Dog]
Raising: Pomeranian
Controller: Celeste Madison
Owner: C Madison
Dog Reg: GCHS Dunkirk just one more time [Dog]
Breed: Pekingese
Manager: Tim Reese
Owner: M & JC Deluna, T Reese & R Winters
Breeder: T Reese & R Winters
Dog Reg: GCHS touches judgment appeal [Dog]
Race: Japanese Chin
Manager: Rowan Baggenstos
Owner: D. Martenson
Breeder: D Martenson, K Silver & R Perkey
Dog Reg: GCH No Me Hables V Tani Kazari [Dog]
Breed: Affenpinscher
Responsible: Jacob Haycock
Owner: M Panlilio & M Ingco

Not athletic Judge’s name: Dr. Wanda V. Spediacci

Total entry: 110
Dog Reg: GCH Cedarhills-Shamrock heard it through the vine [Dog]
Raising: Keeshond
Administrator :
Owner: T&B Cook & S Kelly
Dog Reg: GCHB Suntory Senge [Dog]
Breed: Lhasa Apso
Controller: Cassandra De La Rosa
Owner: C & R De La Rosa
Breeder: C De La Rosa
Dog Reg: GCh Suomi N Ajuaqs Heir of the Firenation [Dog]
Breed: Finnish Spitz
Administrator :
Owner: E & J David
Dog Reg: CH Sureshots Agapes Beers and Sunshine Spears [Dog]
Breed: Bulldog
Administrator :
Owner: P Buchanan

Breeding Judge’s name: Mr. Jon R. Cole

Total entry: 111
Dog Reg: GCHS Cloudpointe Ringside Gossip [Dog]
Raising: Norwegian Buhund
Operator: Amie McLaughlin
Owner: A McLaughlin & O Stensen
Dog Reg: GCHS DC Aces Chain Reaction HXAds HXBd [Dog]
Breed: Bouvier des Flandres
Manager: Larry Fenner
Owner: J Reifschneider
Breeder: J Reifschneider, A Motta & R & A Santos
Dog Reg: GCH Blue Heavens Orange Crush [Dog]
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog
Administrator :
Owners: T Crady, S Perry Hinkle, K Rickard and E Crady
Breeder: L & L Graser
Dog Reg: CH Limelites Morning Mist Can you hear me now? [Bitch]
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Manager: Ashley McClure
Owner: A McClure & B Falconer

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