The Humboldt County dog ​​will be at the Westminister Kennel Club’s 146th Annual Dog Show

Mattie enjoys a day at the beach. [Photo provided]

Beverly Chang press release:

Humboldt County will be represented at the 146th Annual Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show at Lyndhurst Mansion in Tarrytown. New York.

Still dreaming on Monument Mtn, “Mattie” will be one of 18 Champion Dogs and 8 Champion female dogs representing Miniature American Shepherds. Mattie was raised and owned by Rio Dell resident Beverly Chang.

Mattie’s assigned conformation ring date is June 20. Miniature American Shepherds are one of 30 herding breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club competing throughout the day. Westminster’s show series will end on June 22 with the Best in Show competition. Television portions of the series can be viewed on

Mattie will be introduced by Carrie Rosenkoetter from Missouri, a longtime friend of Mattie and Chang.

Chang loves the breed and enjoys leash rallying, disc hounding, agility, barn hunting, scent work, and herding with her sweet sprite Mattie.

Believing in high quality, well-behaved dogs, Chang produced two litters of puppies in eight years. Mattie is one of eight littermates born in April 2019. The 13 puppies Chang raised live in loving homes in 7 states.

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