The computer expert did not see the point of the register of “infotsiganes” designed by the State Duma

The authors of the initiative to create a register of personal development coaches must clearly articulate the compilation procedure, otherwise it will be very difficult to speak of any effectiveness of the project. This opinion was shared with by the head of the ANO Information Culture, IT expert Ivan Begtin.

According to him, at the moment the goals of compiling such a register of “infogypsies” are not obvious, which makes it quite difficult to talk about exactly what control methods were devised in the State Duma.

You must understand the purpose. If we are talking about prohibition and control, then that is a story. In terms of taxation, it is different. If censorship is the third

Ivan Begtinecomputer scientist

Otherwise, Begtin believes, we will see another example of how the state enters the “wild” market, in an attempt to regulate it without any systematic approach. “Before doing that, you need to conduct a specific study. And I have not seen such studies, except for the words. Let’s check how many of these people are, what is the turnover of this market, how many people are using these services, how many of them are dissatisfied, those who consider themselves victims,” Begtin said.

He insists that the authors of the initiative should explore other ways to solve the problem, in addition to compiling a register. In particular, he believes that legislators could regulate in detail the issues of licensing and certification of these personalities and their registration as self-employed.

There is an evidence-based policy. In some authorities in Russia it is applied. If you want to create a registry, be it owners of pet cats and dogs, chickadees and parrots, this is usually preceded by an analysis. And what other options are there to regulate this activity? Would it be a criminal or administrative problem?

Ivan Begtinecomputer scientist

Begtin draws attention to the fact that currently there are many questions about what measures lawmakers are proposing to address specific violations.

“What if the information gypsy is not a Russian citizen?” Conducts online training and will not enroll. What are the coercive measures? Block on Instagram? After all, it’s specific people, it’s not pressure not on organizations but on a specific individual,” he said.

In general, Begtin believes that at this stage the initiative of the deputies of the State Duma raises new questions rather than providing answers to existing ones.

“Many approaches, if this problem is a problem at all. In the meantime, the decision is pronounced, there are no studies. There will be another law, which will be based on nothing but the opinion of the people who passed it. No matter how I deal with these “info-gypsies”, the main thing is that the child is not thrown out with the water again,” he concluded.

Earlier, the State Duma announced the creation of an inter-factional group to combat the problem of “Infotsigans”. MEPs proposed to create a unified register of all those who provide such services. The possibility of introducing certification for these figures is also being considered.

MEPs expressed concern about the low quality of services and the large number of scammers that exist in this market. So, according to the first deputy chairman of the Duma control committee Dmitry Gusev, poor-quality services of psychologists can cause mental health problems.

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