The Cheyenne Kennel Club Hosts 75th Annual Dog Show



CHEYENNE, Wyoming (Wyoming News Now) – Labor Day at the Archer Event Center was full of competition. The Cheyenne Kennel Club hosted its 75th annual dog show, a three-day event running from September 4 to September 6.

The events were conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club. The judge came from all over, including Florida, Arizona, Massachusetts and other states in the United States. Their are seven total classes; Puppy (six months-one year), twelve to eighteen months, novice (never won a top prize), hobbyist-owner-handler, bred by exhibitor (on American Kennel Club records), American -Bred and Open (no restriction). Typically, Open and American-Bred classes contain the highest level of experience.

Males are judged first, then females. Judging is based on several categories, including physical structure (head, teeth, muscle tone, etc.), condition (weight, coat, animation, etc.), gait (forward, side, back) and temperament (penalized for shyness or meanness).

At the end of the shows, the winners of each event are judged together and a Best in Show award is awarded. The best of the breed is also chosen for sport, hunting dog, work, terrier, toy, non-sportsman and herding.

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