The 7 Best Gift Registry Apps for Birthday and Wedding Gift Wish Lists

If you’ve ever had a birthday or wedding in your family circle, you’ll know that one of the most important things you need to do is figure out what gifts to give everyone.

A gift registry or wish list is the best way to keep track of the items you want for important events. Here we’ll take a look at some of the most popular gift lists and wishlist apps to make gift giving easy and effortless.


Wishupon is an app that consolidates your shopping lists so you can see all of your gift ideas in one convenient place.

You can create and organize your wishlist from popular online stores by adding all your favorite items in different categories like clothes, shoes and other cool items with just a few clicks.

First, you’ll need to create an account to sync and share your saved items across multiple platforms: mobile, web, and desktop. Simply scroll down to view your chosen categories and select an online store such as Amazon to save items from the site directly.

Wishupon helps you organize multiple wishlist collections for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, or special moments. You can share the collection with your friends or family and even ask them to recommend products to you by sending them a personalized link. Be sure to make your wishlists public so others can see them.


The app also lets you reserve gifts for loved ones on special occasions. The “Best Stores” and “Wishupon Pick!” features are a selection of recommendations for popular brands and the latest trends.

You will need to enable push notifications to alert you to price drops or best deals for your favorite products. It’s a great way to spend less and get what you want.

To download: Wishupon for android | iOS (To free)

2. Wishfinity

Wishfinity provides you with a platform to create wishlists, simplify your gift giving, and wave goodbye to last minute disasters.

To get started, you need to create an account by entering your name and date of birth and a link to your page. You can then add items from a selection of online stores via virtual stores, product links and keywords. You can press the + Add a wish button to select and add items to your wishlists.

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You can also add items manually by uploading text and images from your phone and adding the item’s attributes and information in the app. Plus, you can create a public wishlist that lets your friends and family members know exactly what gift you want for your birthday, wedding, or other special occasions.

Likewise, you can invite your loved ones to sign up and create their own wishlists. To receive gifts, simply send your personal link to your friends and family. Wishfinity is a smart and easy way to manage all your loved ones’ wishlists, as well as create a wishlist for yourself!

To download: Wishfinity for android | iOS (To free)

3. Gifts

GiftBuster is more than just a gift registry app. It’s a unique and powerful tool to keep in touch with loved ones, track their wish lists, and receive birthday reminders and promotion alerts.

Sign up via email or use a social media account to get started on the app. You can connect with family and friends, and you’ll get notifications when they update their wishlists.

Choose gifts and products to buy from different categories, such as home, personal care, kids, pet care, and more. The app lets you create different wishlists and add products.

To add items from online stores, copy and paste the URL (e.g. Amazon), and the app will automatically populate the item fields. You can also add items manually by saving images, adding description, price, and links to your favorite products.

Giftbuster is also a sort of purchase and price tracker. Use it to bookmark your favorite items, reserve items for friends and family, track your purchases, find promo codes, and receive deal notifications from partner stores.

To download: Giftbuster for android | iOS (To free)

4. Gift

Giftster is a simple and easy to use app that makes group gift giving easy. To get started, you need to create a Giftster account.

You can create a wishlist for any occasion and share it however you want, privately, in your family or publicly. The app helps you manage the items you want to buy. You can create listings for any occasion, add direct store links, and tag products you’ve already purchased. You can create a new family group or add yourself to an existing group.

Giftster makes it easy to get what you really want. With this application, you can quickly write down your preferences in terms of hobbies or clothing attributes such as size, color, etc.

To download: gift for android | iOS (To free)

5. Elf

With Elfster, you will never have to worry about finding the right gifts for your loved ones.

It’s a free and easy-to-use app that can help you keep track of your own and others’ wishlists. At the same time, you can avoid all the hassle of participating in a large-scale gift exchange.

You must create an Elfster account to use the app. Depending on your needs, you can create custom wishlists by clicking on specific categories such as electronics, accessories, clothing, etc.

Add as many items as you want to your wishlists while staying within your budget to ensure you don’t overspend. You can add products via text, images or web links and share your wishlists with family and friends via email or social media.

To download: Elfster for android | iOS (To free)


If you’re a mom-to-be or the planner of a baby shower, bridal shower, graduation party, wedding (or anything else!), this app free is packed with features that make adding gifts so easy and fun.

Like all the other apps above, you need to create an account to create wishlists for various occasions. You can add items automatically through your browser or do it manually.

You can use MyRegistry to quickly create your wishlists or sync in-store wishlists and other registries, making it a sleek and efficient way to manage your gift lists. The app lets you manage your registry items, track your purchases, and raise money for charity.

The icing on the cake is the ability to send customizable e-cards and give and receive cash gifts to fund events or personal experiences, like a honeymoon or a trip!

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To download: for android | iOS (To free)

7. Wish

Looking for a simple no-frills wishlist app? In this case, Wishr is a must.

In addition to creating a real wishlist for your or other people’s important events, you can also share these items with your friends and loved ones. Your friends can join the app to view your lists and share them by scanning a QR code.

When you find and purchase products through the Wishr app, you can check them off in the app itself. The best part about Wishr is that you don’t need to create an account to use this app, which is unlike any other app featured in this list.

To download: Wish for android | iOS (To free)

Find the perfect gift for your loved ones

Instead of just acting as wish lists for friends and family, these apps make it easier for loved ones to figure out what you like. And, if you’re the one making the purchase, it can help reduce wasted money on duplicate gifts.

You may need to try several apps to find the one that works best for you, or maybe some of the features we talked about above will benefit your gift registry strategy, whichever app you choose. .

Either way, it’s time to take the guesswork out of gift giving and make sure the people you love feel taken care of on their special days.

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