Team Brainerd Wins American Kennel Club Regional Championships – Brainerd Dispatch

BRAINERD – Brainerd Kennel Club President Sue Peet and her dog Tekka competed in the Midwest Regional American Kennel Club Scent Working Championships Sept. 3-4 at the MAAC Training Center in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Sue Peet, right, and her dog, Tekka, receive their first place as Novice Champions at the Midwest Regional American Kennel Club Scent Championships.


Peet and Tekka competed in the Novice Division against teams from across the country and finished as Novice Champions. The AKC holds several regional scent work competitions across the country and the top four competitors from each will move on to the AKC Scent Work National Trial sometime in 2023 at a location yet to be determined.

Teams conducted searches last week, one for each item – indoors, outdoors, containers and buried. Teams had to place first in a search to advance to the final round competition. Tekka completed the qualifying search with three first-place finishes, one second-place finish, and one fourth-place finish, which qualified her for the final round. In the final, Tekka ran a total time of 35:61 total time for the four consecutive searches combined. His fastest time of the weekend was 3.72 in the buried category.

“There were some fantastic teams competing and this win is a huge honour,” Peet said in a press release. “It was a big event with 96 dogs competing in total and there were an incredible 452 combined qualifying races for the weekend.”

Peet and Tekka have been in the fragrance business for a year and a half. Tekka loves sports and is a fierce competitor, Peet said. They plan to attend the national championships once the venue is determined.

“It’s such a fun sport and as a team they’re open to playing with others to help spread the love of the sport,” Peet said.

As president of the Brainerd Kennel Club, Peet said she hopes to hold a scent contest or fun show in the Brainerd Lakes region here in 2023 with the club as a sponsor. Anyone interested in learning more about the Brainerd Kennel Club and how to get involved in dog-related activities can contact the board members at -us.

The Brainerd Kennel Club was established in 1977. The club exists to provide dog owners with the opportunity to train their dogs to be “good citizens and companions.” The club encourages and educates the public about responsible dog ownership and provides different social opportunities for people to have fun with their dogs.

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