Springfield Township Police Create Special Needs Registry

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If you are a family member of someone with dementia, autism, or a number of other life-changing dementias and live in Springfield Township, Bucks County, your local police department would like to hear from you.

The department recently created a “Special Needs Registry” on its Crimewatch site for anyone living in the township who wants to share information with the department.

Participation in the registry is “entirely voluntary,” the department said, and any information shared with police will be kept “extremely secure.”

“You can put in as much information as you want and it is only released or viewed by our police officers here in Springfield Township,” the ad reads.

Springfield Township Police said they will use the information shared with them as a tool to help us in their responses to emergencies affecting local families.

“This will help us better understand your/their needs before we even arrive on the scene,” they said.

Police added that in cases involving someone with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, autism and/or other conditions that can affect cognition, information from the registry could potentially help improve their chances of locating. a lost person.

Credit: Springfield Township Police Department/Crimewatch

Springfield Township police officers monitor and help direct traffic outside Springfield Elementary School in September 2020. (FILE PHTOO)

Either way, they said having this information should also help officers in their interactions with residents.

“Our police department strives to serve not only our community, but all interactions with the public with the utmost professionalism, and this is just another tool in our tool belt to help us achieve that. goal,” the ad reads.

The form for the Special Needs Register can be found under the Services tab on the ministry’s Crimewatch site. The form includes a section where information can be provided on things like possible triggers, soothing methods, and service animals.

Other services the Springfield Township Police Department offers residents through Crimewatch include property checks, fingerprinting, alarm system registration, lost pet assistance, and lockout services.

Questions about the Special Needs Directory can be directed to the department by calling 610-346-7600 or emailing [email protected]


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