Rensselaer County Legislature Passes Local Law to Establish Animal Abuse Registry


RENSSELAER COUNTY, NY (NEWS10) – It was announced Wednesday that the Rensselaer County Legislature has passed local law that will establish an animal abuse registry at their July meeting.

“The Minorities Office introduced similar legislation years ago and has continued to reintroduce laws to protect animals time and time again,” Minority Leader Peter Grimm said.

The new registry, located on the District Attorney’s website, will do several things, including the following:

  • The registry will allow information sharing for anyone over the age of 16 who has been convicted of a crime of animal abuse and neglect. The register will include their name and address.
  • No animal shelter, or professional, licensed and / or accredited animal dealer located in Rensselaer County shall sell, trade or otherwise transfer ownership of an animal to anyone listed as an offender of animal abuse in the registry of animal abuse.
  • Before the sale, exchange or any other transfer of ownership of
  • Any animal, animal shelter, or professional, licensed and / or accredited pet dealer located in Rensselaer County is required to review the Animal Abuse Register to confirm that the name of the potential owner of the pet. animal is not listed.
  • Any offender of animal abuse required to register with the Animal Abuse Registry but who has not registered will be guilty of an offense punishable by imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year. and / or a fine not exceeding $ 1,000.00 for each day the animal abuse offender fails to register.
  • Any licensed and / or accredited professional animal shelter or pet dealer located in Rensselaer County that violates Section 7 of this local law will be guilty of an offense and liable to a fine.

“Animal abuse is a serious problem and Rensselaer County lawmakers, Carole Weaver and Tom Grant, have partnered with me on this initiative to take action in establishing this registry. The registry will not eliminate cruelty, but it can keep animals out of the reach of those convicted of animal cruelty crimes, ”said District Attorney Mary Pat Donnelly. “This legislation could prevent animal abusers from owning animals in the future. Unfortunately, people who have abused animals in the past are likely to do so in the future, and studies show that there is a near 100% recidivism rate for certain types of animal abuse.

Animal cruelty is a growing problem that often results in the mistreatment of thousands of animals per year. It is said that it is a known fact that people who have abused pets in the past are likely to do so again.

“A bipartisan effort to pass such important legislation made this local law a reality,” added lawmaker Carole Weaver.

Officials say the purpose of enacting this local law is to establish an online registry for those convicted of animal abuse and neglect.

“This is such important legislation in County Rensselaer, as research has shown that those who mistreat dogs and cats are often abusers in other aspects of their lives,” the deputy chief said. of minorities Cindy Doran.

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