Pueblo West Family Leads Competitors at American Bully Kennel Club Show

One Pueblo West family’s love for squishy-faced dogs has led them to participate in, and even judge, American Bully Kennel Club events where they amass an impressive trove of accolades.

For Bryan Romero, it all started when he was growing up in North Pueblo and, as a senior at Centennial High School, got his first American Bully at age 18. He chose “Aqua”, the blue bulldog with gray and white fur, had the makings of a show dog, so he worked on his training while attending college at the State University of Colorado to Pueblo.

“He was one of the best dogs I’ve ever owned and I’ve had several so far,” Romero, now 28, said. “She was so well trained that people asked me to show their dogs.

“Finally I started winning with other people’s dogs and my own. Now I’m a judge.”

In 2015, Romero won his first National Best of Breed title with an American bully “Spartan”, who was not only his best friend but also his tutor. The following year he won a National Best of Breed title with a Cane Corso who is a big working bulldog.

“I won with the little guys and I won with the monsters,” he said with a laugh. “It’s been quite a trip.”

Perhaps his best win at a dog show was meeting his wife Brooke, who also shows dogs and is a competition judge.

“We actually met at a dog show when I was 21, but we didn’t get together until last year. Now we have all these babies showing up with us and enjoying the competition as well,” he said of their children Xzavier, 10; Miley, 9; crazy, 6; and Mila, 3.

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At last month’s American Bully Kennel Club National Show in Dallas, Texas, the family pulled off an incredible trifecta on a big stage among a tough roster of competitors. Romero and her English bulldog “Cinnabun” took first place in the class, best female and best of winners, narrowly missing out on top breed honors, but “she’s almost to her championship title”, a- he declared.

Not to be outdone, Brooke Romero and her French Bulldog “Rooster” took first place, best male and best of winners, earning Rooster the coveted championship title.

“We’ll be pushing him for his grand championship title and probably leading him for the number one dog in the country this coming year,” Romero said.

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A little girl gets a big win

Miley and her little bulldog “Bronco” completed the family’s Texas run with a 15-pound trophy for first place in the junior handler category. Miley and Bronco, who is a new breed of bulldog, bonded last year.

“I was a little nervous – there were a lot of dogs there, but it was really fun to compete,” Miley said. “I knew it would be a challenge, but I thought I would at least try.”

“She’s the ultimate competitor in every way and actually beat both of her brothers,” Romero said. “She’s quite the character.”

Miley said it felt good to win, especially since her older brother always wins.

“She turned it on and ended up winning it. It was really cool,” Romero said.

Miley has a new love in her life, “Creed”, a six-week-old little blue bull, who she can’t wait to work with in the ring.

The youngest of the couple, 3-year-old Mila, follows in everyone’s footsteps and also participates in the competition.

“She usually steals the show when she goes out. She’s a big hit,” Romero said.

When another judge asked Mila what type of dog she was showing at a recent competition, she replied “a good one.”

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The Romero family pose with their dogs and the trophies they won at the 2021 American Bully Kennel Club National Show.

American Bully Kennel Club Dog Show Comes to Pueblo

Puebloans will have the chance to see the Romero family in action at the American Bully Kennel Club Conformation Show on June 11 at the Colorado State Fairgrounds Ag Palace. Romero and his wife will be among the judges and all of their children will compete.

“People are encouraged to come out and watch, meet the dogs and meet the competitors. These dogs literally travel coast to coast and they’re super friendly,” Romero said.

“There will be children of all ages from 2 to 18 competing, as well as several different breeds of dogs. We are looking to attract more than 300 to 400 competitors.”

The event will be a boon to local hotels and restaurants. Sam’s Street Tacos food truck will be the exclusive food vendor and several other vendors will be on hand for the event.

Romero plans to bring his Tibetan Mastiff to the show, “just so everyone can meet her. She’s just massive and looks like a giant bear.

The Mastiff loves hanging out on the Pueblo West homestead with all the dogs, goats, turkeys, peacocks, chickens and a pig.

“Kids love animals,” he said. “We’re traveling all over the country – this weekend my wife and I will be judging in California,” Romero said.

These California hikes are grueling – 22 hours of driving each way – usually with four kids and a dozen dogs.

Miley Cassio-Romero, 9, poses with the family's award-winning English Bulldog

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