Online launch of the Global Fossil Fuel Registry

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Carbon Tracker and Global Energy Monitor announced on Monday that they have launched the world’s first register of oil and gas reserves, production and emissions with data for more than 50,000 fields.

The database makes previously disparate or difficult-to-access data available to the public, including for investors trying to better understand which assets may be at risk of being unprofitable or “stuck” in the low-energy transition. ‘energy.

It could also help activists in their efforts to pressure producers or governments to reduce fossil fuel production.

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UNEP’s production gap reports have established the fact of a large excess of fossil fuels over the remaining carbon budget, while the IEA has shown that no new fields can be developed and some existing fields were removed earlier if we want to limit warming to 1.5. VS

However, policymakers and civil society lack the asset data needed to inform decisions on how to manage this disposal, while markets lack the information to predict which assets are likely to remain stranded.

The Global Fossil Fuel Registry was created to fill this data gap. It is the first public database of fossil fuel production and reserves around the world that tracks their impact on the carbon budget. The Registry is entirely politically neutral and completely transparent in its assumptions and calculations, and it is hoped that in due course it will be formally integrated into the international climate policy-making process.

At launch, the registry contains data for over 50,000 fields in 89 countries, covering 75% of global production. Among other things, it shows that the United States and Russia each hold enough fossil fuel reserves to blow the entire global carbon budget, even though every other country immediately ceased production. Of the 50,000 fields covered by the registry, the most potent source of emissions is the Ghawar oilfield in Saudi Arabia, which produces around 525 million tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

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