North America’s rarest mammal found in Colorado garage


Can you imagine walking into your garage and finding a wild animal lying around? To top it off, this animal is an endangered species and the rarest mammal in all of North America.

This incident happened at a Colorado home this week. A resident on Monday found a black-footed ferret in his garage in Pueblo West. The house is located near the Walker Ranch, an area where black-footed ferrets have been released.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife managed to put the black-footed ferret in a box and bring it back to the Walker Ranch. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers and biologists examined the cute little creature and determined it was one of nine black-footed ferrets that were released in the area two weeks ago.

These black-footed ferrets that were released in Walker Ranch have microchips much like our pets. This microchip was the identifying factor in determining that this black-footed ferret belonged to the group of nine released.

After determining that the black-footed ferret was healthy, neither hungry nor sick, he was released to the Walker Ranch. The video of its release can be viewed here:

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says this black-footed ferret incident is extremely rare. The black-footed ferret is an extremely shy nocturnal animal. This black-footed ferret may have left Walker Ranch in search of shelter.

I know one thing, if I were this owner I would probably feel extremely lucky to have witnessed such an event as it is probably a once in a lifetime thing happening in your garage.

Source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife

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