Kennel Club urges potential Sussex dog owners to responsibly buy puppies


Research has shown that in the South East, more than a quarter of owners surveyed admitted to having a delivered or ‘click and collect’ puppy without seeing their breeding environment or mother looking back on years of campaigning to change them. harmful puppy buying habits.

And 70% of those surveyed said they would buy a dog the same way again.

More than a fifth in the Southeast admit that after lockdown, it’s still “normal” and “easier” to meet a puppy virtually, rather than in person, before purchasing.

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The Kennel Club urges people to buy puppies responsibly: Photo: The Kennel Club

And one in five owners surveyed in the region admit to avoiding a crucial ‘administrator of life’, including registering with a veterinarian or purchasing insurance, or not socializing their puppy with other dogs, people or dogs. everyday situations, reflecting other bad habits taken. during containment.

The Kennel Club urges owners and future owners to #BePuppywise by reversing habits and this virtual addiction.

The campaign provides resources and advice on how to responsibly buy a puppy after lockdown, to training tips for pandemic pets

With more than three in 10 (38%) respondents in the Southeast admitting to having developed bad habits in general during the pandemic, canine experts warn that this results in the purchase of puppies and creates a damaging legacy in the long run. term.

For more information on responsible dog purchasing, visit Photo: The Kennel Club

The research was based on surveys of 2,000 respondents in the UK and separately from 2,214 dog owners in the UK, conducted as part of the Kennel Club’s #BePuppywise campaign, by Censuswide in August.

It found that after the lockdown, more than a fifth of those polled (22%) in the South East said it was “normal” and “easier” to meet a puppy virtually rather than in person. , thus allowing more crooks and dishonest breeders. to disguise horrific breeding conditions and fool owners, resulting in a step backwards for the welfare of dogs.

The Kennel Clubs say, worryingly, research shows these habits might be here to stay, as more than a quarter (29 percent) “clicked and picked up” a new pet, without meeting it before, or have their dog delivered to their door. This reflected other bad habits developed more widely during the pandemic.

While Covid-19 restrictions once forced virtual reunions and puppy deliveries, more than one in 10 owners in the region (11%) now agree that ‘click and collect’ – buy a puppy online and pay before you meet or pick it up – is the norm when purchasing a post-containment puppy.

The Kennel Club says this undoes years of campaigning to change behavior and oppose new puppy buying and selling laws introduced by the government last year.

The research also highlights the consequences of such a high demand for puppies during the pandemic in the Southeast and a dangerous new world of virtual puppy shopping, where crooks and dishonest breeders can more easily hide behind a screen :

More than a quarter (29%) of owners surveyed in the South East struggled to find an available pet due to increased demand, leading more people to go further for a pet. furry friend and fuel a new virtual puppy buying reality.

Now, 16% do not think that it is essential to pick up a puppy and see it interact with its mother, in its family environment, if it is more than two hours away.

And nearly a fifth (19%) don’t think it’s essential to meet a puppy before paying for it, preferring “click and collect” or opting for delivery, and favoring virtual encounters, even after confinement. .

Mark Beazley, Managing Director of The Kennel Club, said: “It’s understandable that many of us have developed fairly harmless bad habits during multiple blockages, like ordering too many take-out, getting up late, or having several deliveries to our doors.

“But when it comes to buying a puppy, these bad habits have to be reversed.

“While the message of always seeing a puppy with its mom, in its home environment, finally seemed to be passed and was reinforced in new laws in 2020, this research shows the alarming impact of the pandemic on the way people expect to buy a puppy, many now consider virtual puppy buying, click and collect, or puppy deliveries the norm, setting us back in terms of dog welfare and purchasing responsible for puppies.

“Of course, there is nothing wrong with seeing an ad for a puppy online, but we urge potential owners to ‘be careful’ and always see the puppy interacting with its mother, in its home environment in the area. real life, as lock restrictions are no longer in place.

“If a breeder offers to deliver the puppy to your home or asks to take money from you before you’ve even seen the puppy, the alarm bells should ring.

“Crooks, dishonest breeders and cruel puppy traders can and will take advantage of this dangerous virtual world of puppy buying, with devastating consequences for dogs.”

Social welfare organizations like The Kennel Club are also concerned about the impact of the thousands of owners who bought on impulse, relied on unsavory sources, and failed to think long term before having a puppy. , mimicking bad habits most commonly taken during lockdown.

The Kennel Club is urging owners and potential puppy buyers to give their best friend the best start through its #BePuppywise campaign. It provides tips, tools and resources, from videos to top tips for potential owners to help them find the right dog and breeder, and prepare for their new family member, as well as new ones. owners struggling with their pandemic puppy.

More information on the campaign, along with downloadable tips, tricks, checklists and resources for owners and potential owners on how to #BePuppywise, is available at .

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