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TL Photo/CARRI GRAHAM Members of the St. Clairsville Ohio Kennel Club present a donation to the St. Clairsville Police Department Tuesday morning. The club donated $1,000 in supplies and equipment for the new K-9 unit swim station. Pictured, left to right, are Chief Matt Arbenz, Officer Kevin Yates, K-9 Odin, Club Secretary Kay Moore, Club President Jane Hendricks and Club Treasurer LuAnn Kennedy.

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – With a new K-9 bath station to be installed at the St. Clairsville Police Department, there were still a few items needed to complete the new setup.

This is where the St. Clairsville Ohio Kennel Club came to help by donating $1,000 worth of supplies.

Kennel club members donated a professional hair dryer, combs, brushes and shampoo to the police department on Tuesday morning.

The supplies will be used alongside the department’s new K-9 bathing station which is being installed in the garage.

The position will not only benefit the city’s police department, but all K-9 units in Belmont County.

Kennel club president Jane Hendricks said members want to give back to the community with money earned from last year’s dog shows, which are held in partnership with the Fort Steuben Kennel Association.

After talking with the police department about his needs, they landed on supplies for his new resort. Hendricks said they wanted to help K-9 officers put their “the best leg forward.”

“Our Kennel Club has been around for a long time and we wanted to do something good for the community. … Odin (K-9 from St. Clairsville) has a thick coat and so do some of the other dogs. They need to keep their skin and coat healthy in order to contribute to their overall health. We are excited that these products are at least starting that process,” she says.

She noted that members were happy to be able to donate supplies that will support multiple units in the county.

“The community has been good to us over the years. Sadly, the club has been buried – we consider ourselves Belmont County’s best kept secret and want people to know. Of course, our first priority is the dogs and the good relationship with the community,” she says.

Hendricks said he plans to continue donating to different causes in the future.

Officer Kevin Yates, K-9 handler, said the donation will help care for Odin, a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois who is trained in search, arrest and drug detection.

“It’s great to receive a donation like this. It will help a lot before and after our workouts. We will probably organize training on the use of the station with the donated items. I think it’s great that our Chief, City and Kennel Club are open to having this for the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office, Martins Ferry PD, any county department that has a K unit -9 can use all these gifts”, he said, adding that every K-9 manager in the county will receive an access code to enter the facility where the station is located.

Chef Matt Arbenz said they “sincerely appreciate” Kennel club gift.

“It will be put to good use. We will share it with all K-9 units in the county. Dogs, we found, were the easiest thing for police to get donations. Not everyone likes cops, but everyone likes dogs,” he said jokingly. “They do such important work. Often, when the risks get so high that the police themselves don’t want to go, they send the dog. Dogs deserve all the little care they can get. They are there to make the sacrifice for the officer, so anything we can do to make their life a little better, easier, we are happy to do.

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