K9 Yakima Valley Foundation looking forward to 2022

In February of this year, a new nonprofit was formed to support the K9 programs of law enforcement agencies in Yakima County. K9 Yakima Valley Foundation Founder Fern Hart said it has been an extremely successful year and that she is grateful for the many contributions people have made to support the K9 agents in Yakima.

Private donations make up the bulk of the money used to support local programs

Hart says she created the foundation after learning that unlike many other law enforcement agencies across the country, Yakima County depends on private donations to fund local K9 programs. She says the foundation has surpassed its fundraising goal of $ 50,000 this year and hopes for even more success in 2022. Hart says it opened her eyes to the number of people who love dogs and support local law enforcement agencies.

If you donate, Hart says all money stays in Yakima Valley

If you donate, all of your money stays here in Yakima Valley to support many agencies including Yakima County Sheriff’s K9 programs and Yakima Town Police Department.
Five K9s are now working in Yakima County, including the Selah Police Department, Union Gap Police Department, Grandview Police Department, Sunnyside Police Department, and Tribal Police Department. Yakama Nation. Yakima County Sheriff’s Office early next year after Zuza retired from Yakima County Sheriff’s Office. She also hopes to purchase even more K-9 officers so that each agency has 4K9 available for 24/7 service.
If you donate to the foundation, your donations will go towards food, medical bills, training tools, continuing education, as well as the purchase and training of new K9s for agencies in Yakima Valley. .
You can donate and find out more at www.k9foundationyv.org

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