If you lose your pet, this database is available in North Hills communities – WPXI

ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The Ross Township Police Department has launched a new pet registry, and it’s not strictly for township residents.

On the first day of launch, more than a dozen people registered their pets. If you live in West View or other surrounding communities, you can also register your pet in this database.

A police department spokesperson said the most important part is including up-to-date contact information. You must also enter a description of your pet, your pet’s microchip number, if it has one, and notes about your pet’s personality.

Doreen Upshaw said that even though her dog, T’Challa, had a microchip, she was still going to register him.

“Extra is always good because it’s right in the area where we live, so if they’re lost or wandering around or something, we can find them,” Upshaw said.

The police department said not all officers have microchip readers on them, but all officers can access the log from their patrol cars. The registry is especially useful if someone finds your pet but hasn’t been able to find the pet’s owner.

This isn’t the first database Ross Police have launched. They’ve also had a company set up one for at-risk residents and vacation monitoring, where you let officers know when you’re out of town and they can check on your home while you’re away.

Databases offer free services. CLICK HERE for more information about them.

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