How to watch the Thanksgiving Day 2021 dog show – American Kennel Club

The annual national dog show is arguably the best part of Thanksgiving Day. With the food cooking in the kitchen and your stomach rumbling, why not lay back on the couch and watch nearly 200 top-level dogs strut about? Here is everything you need to know about dog racing.

When does the show air?

The National Dog Show airs on NBC on Thanksgiving Day starting at noon in all time zones, right after the Macy’s Day Parade.

Where can I watch the show?

Watch the 2021 National Dog Show on NBC. It can also be broadcast on the NBC website and on other streaming apps such as Hulu Live and Youtube TV. The NBC app is available on mobile and connected devices including Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire. Commentators include Mary Carillo, David Frei, and John O’Hurley.

Who won last year?

Claire the Scottish Deerhound won the Best in Show award at the 2020 National Dog Show.

What makes this year special?

It’s the 20th anniversary of the national dog show. This is also the first year that the AKC-recognized 197th breed, the Biewer Terrier, will compete. Keep an eye out for the Toy Group’s little dog.

How do dog shows work?

If you are not familiar with dog shows, now is a great time to learn! Study some of the common dog show terms you might hear during the show. Also familiarize yourself with how a dog show winner is chosen. As a guide, dogs are not judged against each other. Rather, each dog is judged against its individual breed standard. The dog that best conforms to its breed standard either advances or wins.

Where can I watch more dog shows?

If you want to watch a dog show in its entirety, you might want to attend the AKC 2021 National Championship from December 17-19. The seven groups, Best in Show, Puppy and Junior Stakes, Junior Showmanship Finals, Agility, Obedience and Rally will be broadcast live on and will remain available on request. Stay tuned for more information on the official broadcast of the AKC 2021 National Championship presented by Royal Canin, coming in 2022!

Can I show my dog ​​at a dog show?

Would you like to be there to show off your dog? There are several ways to start! If you have a mixed breed dog or a dog ineligible for conformation, don’t worry. There are many other dog sports you can participate in including agility, rallying and more!

Spend Thanksgiving with your dog?

Enjoy the holidays, but know which Thanksgiving foods are safe and unsafe for your dog. The last thing you want at the end of the day is a puppy with an upset stomach!

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