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Hibiscus Kennel Club continues to undergo major restructuring.

The new committee has many new faces and some well-oiled original members.

The committee is made up of President Nadine van Niekerk, Vice President and Director of Education Heather Moorcroft, Secretary Christeen McGovern, Treasurer Evelyn Veringa, Show Director Ninette Smith, Hoopers and Sponsorship Elsie McMillen and for contracts/judges communication is Byron van Niekerk.

The club has very enthusiastic and experienced trainers, and we are delighted and proud to announce that we have Ann Shaw on board to teach the advanced obedience classes.

Elsie Pretorius, who is a well-known face at the club, is taking intermediate beginner obedience.

If you haven’t taken any of Pretorius’ lessons, you lose because his lessons are fun and productive.

Ninette Smith, Tanya Engelbrecht and Tracy Norton lead beginner agility. These ladies have been competing in agility for many years and are excellent teachers.

As the domain is currently undergoing rehabilitation, it is suspending advanced agility for the time being.

Elsie McKillen is in charge of the discipline of our hoopers.

It’s great fun for dogs of all sizes and ages, older dogs especially enjoy it as they can still have fun with their owners.

Renate Haussmann, Beryl Verwoerdt and Tanya Engelbrecht will lead the flyball.

If you are a member, we would love to see you again. For your information, there are some etiquette guidelines that the club likes to follow such as “Please always keep your dog on a leash and do not, even if you feel the need to, allow your dog to sniff or say hello to another dog. without the permission of the owner.

New puppies look cute, but they can get overwhelmed with all the activity and other dogs. Respect and respect everyone’s boundaries with their dog. Leashed dogs may react negatively if they are suddenly taken down by another dog they are unsure of and have not yet met. If your dog has reacted negatively to another dog, even if they haven’t started the questionable behavior, gently turn around and walk away with your dog and don’t try to insist on solving the problem right away. .

In the case mentioned above, an apology to the trainer or handler will be a positive gesture. This can be done afterwards and we recommend discussing the situation with the handler/trainer in a positive manner without dogs present. All dogs, like us humans, have rest days.

Never walk in the middle of a training class. Please keep an acceptable distance (we call it a dead zone) even if it means walking a little farther,” the club said, adding that keep an eye out for their next article to learn more about its obedience trainers Ann Shaw and Elsie. Pretorius. He added that non-members are welcome to join the club, exercise and start having fun with their loyal dogs.

Application forms are available either at the clubhouse or upon request by email. Requests can be sent to

[email protected] -Provided.


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