Here’s where you can check the Colorado sex offender registry cards before you head out for Halloween.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – As area families prepare for a night filled with candy, games, and fun, some guardians may be looking for a way to make sure their children stay away from dangerous people living nearby.

The state of Colorado offers the Monitoring and registration of sex offenders (SOTAR) to promote community education on sex offenders and known locations of sex offenders.

Several state agencies have partnered with the program, including the Colorado Springs Police Department, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, the Fountain Police Department, and the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office.

Users are encouraged to create an account and provide an address that the program can use to create a list of nearby sex offenders.

It is important to note that SOTAR only displays eligible offenders on the web, as the revised Colorado statutes prohibit the internet disclosure of information about ineligible sex offenders on the web. Contact your local law enforcement agency for the complete sex offender registry.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation also has a website where you can enter your address and view registered sex offenders who live in your community. You can visit this website at

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