Harbor Humane saves 8 puppies dumped on the side of the road during the storm

Over the weekend, amid howling winds and pouring rain, someone did the unthinkable – abandoned a cardboard box full of puppies on the side of the road.

Eight puppies abandoned on the side of the road during a storm in Holland

Although it’s horrific and heartbreaking, what happened next makes me feel better about humanity.

According Port Animal Protection SocietyOn Saturday evening, a Good Samaritan called the police, alerting them to puppies left shivering in the cold and rain on the side of the road in Holland.

An Ottawa County Sheriff’s Deputy responded and rescued the puppies on the 120th Avenue side near the New Holland Brewing Company.

Harbor Humane Society, Facebook

Harbor Humane Society, Facebook

Humane port said the puppies are only about four weeks old and would not have survived the night in the harsh weather conditions.

When they welcomed the animals, they were soaked by low temperatures. They warmed the pups up, gave them care and attention – and now six have been placed in foster homes.

Harbor Humane Society, Facebook

Harbor Humane Society, Facebook

Two of the puppies remain in critical condition and are being closely monitored by a Harbor Humane staff member.

The Harbor Humane Society is now looking for the person who dumped the puppies:

We are currently seeking information on who gave up these puppies. It breaks our hearts that things happened like this. If they had contacted Harbour, we would have been more than willing to help, and this dangerous situation could have been avoided. Remember Harbor is always there for the community as a resource – we are just a phone call or message away. We never want to see an abandoned animal and will never turn away a person or pet in a real emergency, even when we are packed.

When will Harbor Humane puppies be ready for adoption?

The humane society is currently focused on the health of the puppies and says it cannot answer questions about their adoption at this time – however, you can stay up to date on the puppies’ story by follow Harbor Humane Society on Facebook.

If you would like to help Harbor Humane look after these adorable puppies and the many other animals in their care, you can donate here.

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