Give Dog a Home Rescue in Sebec Seeking Help

Give a Dog a Home Rescue is based in Sebec, Maine. It is a registered nonprofit and an animal rescue shelter and charity licensed by the State of Maine.

They have 16 dogs arriving this week from Texas and three from Hawaii. Animals come from overcrowded shelters where when overcrowded they euthanize them.

Give a Dog a Home Rescue wants you to know he’s there and here’s a link to his website.

Courtesy of giving shelter to a dog

Courtesy of giving shelter to a dog

The shelter believes that no animals should be killed and also works on global initiatives that save dogs from the meat trade in China and South Korea and also save animals in war-torn countries in the Middle East. East.

Here at home, there’s a lot more going on at the shelter in the poorest county in the state.

Jenny Cope, president and founder of the rescue, says

Rescue has a lot to offer and I have big plans to do a lot more.

Courtesy of giving shelter to a dog

Courtesy of giving shelter to a dog

Give a Dog a Home Rescue is also an ambassador for the Goods program, through the Greater Good charities, the only one in Maine.

This program sources and manages surplus, name-brand, short-term food and supplies from manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Goods then makes these products available to qualified and approved distribution groups using a fee arrangement similar to a food bank model.

Goods are donated, but transportation, storage and program costs are paid by recipients. This equates to pennies on the dollar.

Anyone can participate, such as shelters, humane societies, etc. enabling animal welfare and human service organizations to maximize their dollars and have an even greater impact on pets and people.

Here is where you can connect with Give A Dog A Home Shelter.

And their facebook page.

Courtesy Give a Dog a Home Rescue

Courtesy Give a Dog a Home Rescue

You know how they say: Who saved whom?

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