Flapjack from Battle Creek is a delicious pup full of kisses

Flapjack is so nice he has a creperie franchise named after him.

Flapjack is the sweetest pup full of puppy smiles and kisses. He is the happiest of the boys and would love nothing more to have a home and a family of his own. Flapjack is 5 months old and listed as a Pit/Basset to mix together.

Flapjack of the Humane Society of South Central Michigan

Flapjack of the Humane Society of South Central Michigan

Just looking at this boy’s photo shows his bubbly and effervescent personality. Like any young puppy, Flapjack is energetic. He would love to go for a walk, ask someone to throw a ball or play tug of war with him.

Flapjack would love to have a physically fenced yard so he can run and play without getting in the way or accidentally scaring someone who doesn’t know he’s just going to attack them with love and kisses.

Flapjack should do well with another dog in the home. It has not been tested with cats, but if you submit an application and it is approved, Humane Society of South Central Michigan staff will have this test done before adoption.

Flapjack would do best in a home with older children, ages 8 and up. Not because he’s naughty but because he gets excited and a little one might accidentally get knocked over in his exuberance.

Flapjack can’t wait to meet his forever family!

Would you like to make Flapjack a permanent member of your family? Click here to find an application (click Adoption tab top left) to complete and return to HSSCM.

Good news! You can now complete your application on your mobile device and submit it electronically to the Humane Society of South Central Michigan.

Want to add a furry family member, but maybe Flapjack just isn’t the right fit? Click here to see other cats and dogs waiting for their forever home.

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