• Meet and Play with tons of different dog breeds in stalls that describe each breed’s country of origin, historical purpose/function
  • Discover new breeds and talk to breed experts to determine which dog will suit their lifestyle
  • Learn about responsible pet ownership
  • See fun and entertaining demonstrations of dog sports and working dogs showing off their skills
  • Engage in unique activities such as testing your agility skills in our interactive fun zone. Participants can also take part in games and photo ops with the whole family.

The event is open to the general public and is perfect for the whole family. Admission is $20 for children and $30 for adults. Upgraded VIP entry is also available. The tickets are on sale now through the tour’s exclusive ticket provider SeatGeek®. Use promo code MEET for 20% off all general admission tickets.

“We are delighted to organize this event dallas“, said the executive secretary of the AKC Gina DiNardo. “dallas is known for its dog shows, and we’re thrilled to introduce such a dog-friendly city to this unique event where they can see their favorite breeds and discover new ones.”

Not only will you be able to meet and play with many different breeds of dogs, but there will also be exciting demonstrations that showcase the dogs’ athleticism and work ethic, including:

  • Agility – Watch these super talented dogs navigate an obstacle course of jumps, weaves and tunnels courtesy of the Dallas Agility Working Group.
  • Obedience – Experience the precision work of competitive obedience dogs as they heel, retrieve and demonstrate how dogs can progress from basic to next-level skills presented by the Dog Training Club of Dallas County.
  • disc dog – Enjoy this fast and fun sport that takes fetch play to a whole new level, brought to you by Cat City Disc Dogs.
  • Rally – Experience this thrilling sport that’s both skill and thrill as dogs and their owners navigate a course of obedience tasks courtesy of the Dog Training Club of Tampa.
  • Perfume work – The nose knows! See dogs use their natural abilities to locate a scent and communicate to their handler that it has been found, presented by the Dog Training Club of Dallas County.

For images from our previous Meet The Breeds event held at San Diego, CaliforniaClick on here.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit our website here.

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