Create a Gift Registry for Those Other Life Events

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When most of us think of registries and showers, we associate them with weddings and babies. But there are so many other milestones in life that it’s silly to limit them, especially for those who aren’t interested in getting married or having kids. You might feel weird considering asking for gifts or praise on other occasions, but it’s not that over the top. People give you gifts every year on your birthday because, what, survived 365 days? Why not sign up for your other notable achievements?

“Each step means that the people who love you and care about you want to do something for you,” said Nancy Lee, president of MyRegister. She pointed out that in the 1930s marriage records looked awkward. Baby showers also seemed suspicious just a few decades ago. Now she sees records for people getting new apartments, teachers stocking their classrooms, employees moving to new offices, and nonprofits looking for support. And more importantly, if you think people might be you are looking to buy yourself a gift for a life event, making a registry will simply help them. They will have a better idea of ​​what you want, and they can also avoid buying you the same as someone else bought for the same ocCaliforniaif we. (And of course, doing the registry doesn’t mean you have to push it on people.)

Here are a few cases where you should consider creating a registry, or even running a shower.

Make a gift list if you go to school

That you are go to college in the fall, go to graduate schooltake a trade, change domain or finish high school a little later than average, you deserve major credit. Making a big change is hard, just like making all the irritants tasks associated even with applying to an institution. School himself is hard.

If you need or expect gifts, do a registry for your basic needs, dorm essentials, and school supplies. Hhelp your friends and family members better Support you through something big.

Create a gift list if you are getting divorced

Oith the end of your marriage and a future filled with opportunities ahead of you, you may feel some relief and uncertainty. Lee notes that in some respects divorce records make even more sense than marriage records. More couples accumulate a lot common household things, and after the separation you need your own things.

A divorce register is avant-garde. Many divorce records are made by the divorcing personbut even more registers are done by friends trying to support the newly single.

Create a gift list for your birthday

NOTo we want to receive five diaper geniuses and no diaper bags. Especially when it comes to baby birthdaysit is important not to double or triple the gifts that someone already has it, and it’s also important to buy gifts that match a parent’s personality Needs.

When you’re creating a birthday list, you’re not being picky or selfish; you help your loved ones make easier choices and save them (and retailers) to deal with Return.

Create a gift list for your pet

When asked what kind of funny or unexpected registers she had seen during her time at MyRegistry, Lee first shared that beauty pageant contestants often use them to source materials they need for their pageants. self-funded. Then she remembered the pig.

“Someone created a registry for their pet pig! It was a pet pig adoption,” she said.

If you adopt a new pet, keep a record. Your friends and family might want sustain. It takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to raise a pig.

Create a permanent gift list

Set up a permanent register. Not really. Keep a wish onlinelisting for when someone can want to surprise you. Logs, Lee said, are not just for specific events, “but also because sometimes, out of the blue, someone comes to your house or you have dinner, and he better know what you like and what you want. She called it a “register of life,” and you should goh for that.

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