Cash loan in 3 steps

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Cash loan: step 1 – consultant

Cash loan: step 1 - consultant

You have sent the application – one or several. Earlier, you compared offers, you chose the one with the most reasonable installment, and now you are waiting for an interview with a bank employee. The consultant doesn’t know much about you, so he will ask you a dozen or so questions to verify and pre-check your creditworthiness. A standard conversation can take up to three quarters of an hour – take this into account.

Also remember that the bank can call you within a few minutes or a few hours of sending the application. We have already checked many banks and unfortunately – there is no rule for this.

What questions can a consultant ask?

  • Source of earning income. Just in case, have a business card with you, because you will be asked for the name, address, tax identification number, REGON, phone number of the company – yours or the one where you work.
  • Data from ID card. Series, number, date of issue / validity of proof.
  • Net income received.
  • Monthly expenses (rent, telephone, internet and others)
  • No arrears with ZUS, US or other institutions – if you run a business.
  • Your commitments. Summarize all loan installments, remember what limits your credit cards and credit line have in your account.
  • Consent to data processing for marketing purposes. If you do not want to receive marketing correspondence, you can refuse.
  • Consent to verification in BIK. You can’t refuse here anymore. In most banks, the verification will be carried out already during the conversation.
  • Consent to verification in BIG databases.

Thanks to this you will know the initial credit decision by phone. Take notes or request detailed arrangements by email. They can be useful later.

Cash loan: step 2 – bank branch

Cash loan: step 2 - bank branch

Thanks to the initial verification, you already know that you can apply for a cash loan on terms that interest you. The consultant will most likely redirect you to a branch in your city so that you can sign the contract and verify the documents.

That’s right – don’t forget and bring your ID card with you. Print (or generate to PDF) an account statement. Ask the consultant about the period required in a given bank – 1, 3 or 6 months. If you have additional documents, take them – they may not be useful, but if you are ready – why go twice?

It may happen (unfortunately, in most banks) that an advisor in the branch will ask you about the same thing as the consultant had already asked – most often this is due to system restrictions. Although in some institutions the visit will be limited to presenting your ID card and signing the contract – ask over the phone what the process looks like in the institution of your choice.

Pay attention to the offer presented to you. It shouldn’t be different from the one you met through the Call Center. Ask for all the details and check if they differ from what the consultant told you.

Cash loan: step 3 – courier

Cash loan: step 3 - courier

If in your town there is no bank branch that you have chosen or you do not care so much about time, you can order a courier with a contract. Then he will check the identity card. Within a few business days, he will provide you with a contract, check the document, collect the signed one and visit the bank. Cash withdrawal will take place when the contract is checked and accepted by the bank.

And how? Not so bad credit, how they paint it, right? Good luck!