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Cariboo Kennel Club members and their canine companions will hold tryouts at the club’s new location near the Williams Lake Regional Airport on May 28-29, 2022.

“We expect to have between 100 and 120 participants for these obedience and rally obedience trials,” said Darlene Barrow, founding member and treasurer of the club.

The event is open to registered dogs as well as dogs that have their “performance event number” issued by The Canadian Kennel Club.

Registrations will open in early May and there will be approximately a two-week registration window.

“If you have a dog ready to be judged and you have either a registration number or a performance event number, be sure to get your entries,” Borrow said, noting that anyone needing assistance should contact a member of the Cariboo Kennel Club.

Recently the club moved from the Stampede Grounds after the Williams Lake Stampede Association decided in 2021 to expand its facilities to the area the Kennel Club used for dog training, shows and trials.

Founding member Darlene Borrow said the city offered the club a variety of different venues and they settled on an unused area next to the airport parking lot.

“This location, in addition to being a bit out of town, is well suited to our needs and we would like to thank the City of Williams Lake for the opportunity to use this area,” she said. .

A two-year term lease with the club for the area will run from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023, with an option to renew for another three years. The annual fee will be $250, with an annual rent of $1 per year for each of the five years.

City Council approved the lease at its regular meeting on Tuesday, March 21.

Formed in 1972, with the goal of promoting and educating purebred dogs, the club has evolved over the past 50 years and expanded to include non-purebred dogs.

“In the early days of our club, pretty much the only Canadian Kennel Club approved events were conformation shows, obedience trials, gun dog and retriever trials as well as various lure racing events,” explained Borrow.

Now the Canadian Kennel Club has expanded the performance events offered as well as the recognition of non-purebred dogs.

“Owners of non-purebred dogs can apply for a ‘Performance Event Number’ from the Canadian Kennel Club to participate in the various events offered and can earn titles.”

Borrow said the new events the Canadian Kennel Club has sanctioned are: rally obedience, which is a more relaxed version of obedience, scent detection, barn hunt, lap dog, agility, draft dog, herding, tracking, dog and good neighbour, etc. .

“In almost any discipline you want to compete in, there’s an outlet for that.”

Borrow loves dogs herself and has two that she competes with.

Hers are Pembroke Welsh Corgis – the same breed as Queen Elizabeth II.

“Why wouldn’t I have them?” she laughs.

Borrow’s male dog with the call name of V, is 12 and a half years old and has won a few accolades at confirmation shows, which are to determine how close a dog comes to the breed standard.

“At dog shows there are seven groups – and in my case with the Pembroke Welsh Corgis it’s a breeder group because they actually bred to herd cattle.”

V was the highest earning sheepdog in Canada and the ninth highest earning all-breed dog in Canada in 2012.

She has participated in numerous dog shows with V in British Columbia and Alberta, mainly for him, in order to obtain this honor.

His female dog, with the call name Gypsy, is only one year old and from the same breeder as V. She started her show career at seven and a half months and has already completed her grand championship status.

Currently, the club has about 12 members and up to 25.

“People come and go,” Borrow said, noting the club will be hosting practice nights and a fun game this spring and anyone interested is encouraged to find out how they can join.

She said they have members who have excelled in their chosen discipline, conformation, obedience, rally obedience, herding, field trials, Schutzhund, and a member who has at least 10 or more performance titles on his Labrador Retrievers.

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