BC Pet Registry donates 500 microchips to Helping Paws in Nanaimo

In 2015, the BC SPCA created the BC Pet Registry, Canada’s first centralized database to help reunite lost pets with anxious caretakers. Since then, more than 150,000 animals have been registered in the system.

The Pet Registry now helps low-income pet sitters in Nanaimo ensure their pets have proper identification. The Pet Registry donated 500 microchips, worth nearly $6,300, to Helping Paws, a nonprofit organization that celebrates its third anniversary on May 19.

Helping Paws provides pet sitters who need a little extra support caring for their pets with services like checkups and treatment, flea prevention and nail trimming. Peters Roman Catholic Church, providing customers with pet necessities such as crates, bowls, leashes, harnesses and other items. The clinics are staffed by veterinarians, veterinary technicians, hospital staff and volunteers from clinics in Nanaimo.

“People love their pets and want to provide them with the best care possible,” says Leon Davis, senior director of the BC SPCA. “Helping lost pets get home safely is very important, so I know this gift from BC Pet Registry will truly make a difference to Helping Paws and its customers.”

Learn more about BC Pet Registry: bcperegistry.ca

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