American Kennel Club Joins CVMA and AHI in Opposition to California Assembly Bill 1881

American Kennel Club Joins CVMA and AHI in Public Statement Opposing ‘Cats and Dogs Bill of Rights’ Due to Fears of Repercussions and Unseen Health Care Risks pets in California.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has joined the California Veterinary (CVMA) and the Animal Health Institute (AHI) in making a combined public statement opposing the California Assembly Bill of 1881, also known as the name “Dog and Cat Bill of Rights”. This new bill has raised concerns because, according to the groups above, it could infringe on a pet owner’s right to make health care decisions for their pet.

The American Kennel Club cares deeply about the welfare of all dogs,” Sheila Goffe, vice president of government relations, AKC, said in an organizational statement. “We are pleased to join the California Veterinary Medical Association and the Animal Health Institute in sharing our concerns about this proposal, which could undermine the rights and responsibilities of pet owners to make care decisions. appropriate for their animals.1

Through a letter sent to California State Representative Miguel Santiago, the author of the bill, and the Assembly’s Business and Professions Committee, the 3 groups voiced concerns of the bill if passed. The AKC, CVMA and AHI said the bill could make it difficult for pet owners and veterinarians to get proper care for their pets or to make decisions about what to do. their pets receive the best possible health care if adopted.1

“However, the Assembly Bill of 1881, titled the “Dog and Cat Bill of Rights,” does not pursue this objective. Instead of simply providing a list of helpful reminders and guidelines for pet owners, the bill signals a sea change in the legal status of pets and who is responsible for care decisions.If this bill becomes law, it could affect the rights of California pet owners and their veterinarians to make appropriate healthcare decisions that ensure the best possible care for their beloved pets,” the letter reads.2

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