American Kennel Club: dog theft on the rise


“Thieves are still hiding. They are still hiding and they are still looking,” said Brandi Hunter, vice president of public relations and communications for AKC.

MICHIGAN, United States – A few weeks ago, 10 French Bulldog puppies stolen from Ohio were found in Ottawa County.

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Now we are chatting one-on-one with the American Kennel Club (AKC) to learn more about this growing problem across the country.

According to AKC, French Bulldogs are in great demand, and with increased interest, the theft of them has also increased.

“The increase has been concerning,” said Brandi Hunter, vice president of public relations and communications for AKC. “This is concerning because they are a great breed and because families are being torn away from their pets.”

Hunter says they are able to track these types of thefts through their microchip and reporting database.

“In the smaller breeds you will see a slight increase in thefts because unfortunately people are greedy, and a Doberman is much more difficult to steal than a French Bulldog.”

Hunter said a variety of factors explain why the focus is on the theft of French Bulldogs and other similar breeds.

“Bulldogs don’t have large litters. They’re not like a lab that can have seven, eight, nine puppies at a time,” Hunter said. “So when you see a breed that only has two, maybe three puppies, it’s a little different and the demand far exceeds the supply.”

Plus, these puppies aren’t cheap.

“They range from $ 3,000 to $ 10,000 depending on who you are dealing with, depending on whether the dog is from a line of champions,” Hunter said.

Hunter adds that theft is common as breeds gain popularity.

“The demand, the supply, the cost, all of these things lead to a snowball of greed that we really wish we didn’t see, but unfortunately we see it,” she said.

But it does not only affect purebred or popular breeds. Hunter said that whatever type of dog you have, it is important to chip them off and be careful.

“Thieves are still in hiding,” she said. “They’re still hiding and they’re still looking.”

The American Kennel Club recommends that you don’t walk your dog alone late at night and be aware of what you post online.

With being safe on social media, it’s important not to divulge too many identifying factors to the public.

“We really encourage people to think a little bit about what could go wrong,” Hunter said.

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