Amanda and Kyle’s Favorite Wedding Registry Gifts from Summer House

“Summer House” stars Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula “will they or won’t they?” The engagement drama spanned three seasons of the Bravo reality series – but finally, at the end of the show’s sixth season, they came to the altar. Now married, the couple behind canned cocktail brand Loverboy, who created a successful line of merchandise designed and engineered by Batula, have settled into domestic bliss.

Cooke confesses that due to their long engagement, married life isn’t all that different. “Everyone always asks how married life is, and it doesn’t seem too, too different. I feel like the biggest adjustment we ever made was moving in together,” he says. One thing that is new to married life is that their affairs are much nicer now, as they have wedding gifts to enjoy.

The couple took a conservative approach to their marriage registry, creating a honeymoon fund in favor of registering many physical assets. “We really tried to streamline the list, especially because we have an apartment, but we also didn’t encourage people to buy things we don’t necessarily want or need” , explains Cooke.

They chose to focus more on replacing basics like napkins and cutlery with nicer versions of what they already had. “What I’m glad we did,” says Batula, “was upgrade the things we currently have, instead of buying a bunch of extra stuff you think you need, like air fryers and mixers and this machine and this apparatus.” Cooke was skeptical of needing to replace the things they already had, but appeared once the premium versions of everyday items started arriving – and he started using them.

Batula says that now that they are married, not stuffing the ledger full of stuff was the right choice for the couple’s life and lifestyle. “I’m glad we stuck with what we know we use every day,” says Batula, “and asked for better versions. Because it’s what we use the most of all; things that were new or different, we just didn’t use that many.

The couple, who were engaged for three years before finally getting married on September 25, 2021, shared their thoughts on which wedding gifts they find most useful, enjoyable and surprising.

$228 at Brooklinen or Zola

Batula says, without hesitation, that the Brooklinen duvet cover is her favorite of all the wedding gifts she and Cooke have received, “I think it’s the most comfortable thing. It’s a beautiful color, it connects the bedroom and I love lying in my bed – it’s my safe space. And they are quite expensive! So for me this is definitely my favorite and most used item.

$299 at Amazon or Zola

Fellow Ode Electric Brew Grinder

For her part, Cooke says the electric coffee grinder the couple signed up for is her favorite item. “I know that sounds ridiculous,” he says of the $300 device. “I’ve had a cheap $50 grinder my whole life and if it wasn’t for the register, I don’t know if I would feel like I could splurge on something like this.” Batula, who usually doesn’t like having a lot of items on kitchen counters, says she approves of Cooke’s grinder. “It’s almost like a centerpiece.”

$159 at Amazon or Zola

Fellow Corvo EKG Electric Kettle

The couple have also signed up for an electric kettle in the same style as the grinder, which they use to make pour-over coffee – and in a surprising way. “Honestly,” says Batula, “the thing we use the kettle for the most is to stain clothes.”

$210 at Amazon or West Elm

Le Creuset frying pan

One of the register regrets that Batula has is the lack of cooking utensils that she included. “I wish I had signed up for a matching set,” she says. One piece she made sure to put on the register was a cast iron skillet. “Cooke used to cook with a cast iron skillet all the time when we dated, and I thought it would be the perfect thing to add to the registry because it was his roommate’s.” Good idea, but Batula admits that since they got married, “he hasn’t taken it out to use it”.

$55 at Amazon or Zola

Emile Henry Smooth Pizza Top Stone

Lack of time to cook and entertain is a recurring theme among newlyweds. “We used to make a lot more homemade pizzas,” Batula says, but with their busy schedules, the pizza stone the couple signed up for is more useful for reheating takeout. “When you literally have Joe’s Pizza in your neighborhood,” Cooke says, “it’s hard to think your homemade pizza is going to top that.” Batula intervenes, “we will be make a homemade pizza one day and use that stone,” she laughs.

$70 $42 at West Elm

West Elm Hudson Double Handle Acacia Wood Board

“We definitely come across as being very, very social,” Cooke says, “but even now that we’re not cooped up, we’re still kind of cooped up because of work.” Although the couple aren’t doing a lot of home entertainment at the moment, they’re still making good use of the serving pieces they signed up for. “Sometimes we just make a really good spread for the two of us,” Batula says, “And we sit on the couch and watch a movie and just eat cheese and crackers and meat for dinner.”

$189.99 at Zola

Salad bowl in natural olive wood with cutlery

Batula says the wooden salad bowl and serving tray the couple checked in for gets a lot of daily use. “Honestly, they are for us. Something I like to do is just try to make different salads, that’s why I wanted the bowl,” says Batula, “it’s just a bit more special when you serve it.

$220.95 at Amazon or $210.95 at Zola

John Boos Reversible Walnut Cutting Board

Batula says she’s surprised how much she loves her John Boos walnut cutting board. “It feels like such a basic, inescapable thing. But this one is so pretty that we installed it right next to the stove on the counter, so we use it all the time. I used to forget to get a cutting board out and with that I constantly use it to cut things I wouldn’t normally think of, which definitely helps our knives last longer.

$38 at West Elm

West Elm Horizon Collection Red Wine Glasses

“The wine glasses we chose are probably one of my favorite things,” says Batula. “I wanted something that looked pretty modern and cool, but still had a traditional feel – something that wouldn’t get outdated very quickly.” The couple use the red wine glasses, which are big enough to hold plenty of ice, to serve Loverboy’s ready-to-drink canned cocktails and spritzes in a way that Batula says “makes them so much more legit.”

“We’re going to fill one of our wine glasses, which has this cool shape, with ice,” says Cooke, to mimic the way popular drinks like the aperol spritz are served in bars and restaurants. “And add a little garnish to make it look like you made yourself a cocktail,” says Batula, “instead of drinking it out of a can.”

$39.99 at Zola

Willow Park Devyn Glass Tumblers

While Batula is smitten with their wine glasses, Cooke is crazy about the smoked glass goblets the couple received. “Actually, I love cups,” he says. “You know when you go to a restaurant and you’re like, ‘Dude, not only is this cocktail great, it’s in such a cool glass’? These have a nice weight and they’re smokey. The founder of Loverboy uses it to make a cocktail by pairing the mango-peach spritz with mezcal, or to serve the brand’s espresso martinis.”For Amanda,” says Cooke, “it makes it feel a bit more like a moment or a little opportunity to sip.”

$189.95 at Crate & Barrel or $279.80 Zola

Crate & Barrel Kenton 5 Piece Cutlery Set

When the couple moved in together shortly after their engagement, they purposely didn’t invest in big-ticket household items, knowing they would be checking in for basics like crockery and cutlery. “We deliberately bought the cheapest of the bargain when we moved in, because we were engaged,” says Cooke. Now that they have this cutlery set, they are so happy with the upgrade, “it’s quite nice to hold a piece that is noticeably heavier”.

$69 at Zola

Casafina Pacifica water bottle

“Something that I put on the register that I absolutely love more than I thought was canisters,” says Batula. “I bought these for, like, decoration.” But she found them incredibly useful, in addition to being decorative. “I use the big ones for dog food and treats. I use one for garlic – I’ve found uses for them. And I use them all the time, and I didn’t expect that.

$60 at Brooklinen or Zola

Brooklinen Super Plush Bath Towel

For Cooke, new bath towels were a surprising luxury he didn’t know he needed. “I’ve been using the same white towels since business school and they had a few tears, but you know, they’re still dried me,” Cooke says to explain his surprise at how much he appreciates the bath towels he and Batula saved. “I just felt uncomfortable throwing in a towel that was in perfect condition, even though it had a few tears, but it’s a nice and pleasant surprise that I look forward to every morning.”

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