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Getting involved in AKC’s virtual sports and titling opportunities is an easy and exciting way to get started in dog sports! Whether you and your dog are looking to get active in AKC Agility, earn a home manners training title, or plan a crowd-pleasing AKC Trick Dog routine, the possibilities to get started virtually are endless. Virtual programs are a great springboard for advancing AKC sports and events in person, and participation keeps you working towards an even more important goal: to create an indestructible bond between you and your dog!

ACT Virtual Program

The virtual ACT program allows dogs and their handlers to participate in agility course tests from home! The Agility Course Test (ACT) is an entry-level event designed to introduce and welcome dogs and their handlers to the AKC sport of agility and is perfect for dogs who use agility equipment at a level beginner. Those who wish to participate can start from anywhere, whether in their backyard or at a local agility training center.

AKC Virtual Obedience Test

Think your dog is an A + student? Are your friends and family jealous of how well you have trained your dog? Then you should consider participating in virtual obedience! Obedience training is the basis for having a great companion and for all the fun activities you can do with your dog. The Virtual Obedience Test offers dog handlers the opportunity to train their dogs, assess their skills and teamwork, and start earning titles in the sport of virtual obedience, all within the comfort of their own home!

AKC Rally® virtual program

AKC Rally® virtual program is a fun family sport for you and your dog! The sport requires teams of dogs and handlers to perform training skills such as sit, sit, stay, etc. as they move through a course of 10 to 20 different signs that designate the skill to be displayed. Virtual rally routes can be set up in your garden or in your local park. Rally is working together as a team with unlimited communication between you and your dog. It is a perfect starting point for those new to dog sports!

Virtual perfume work

The Virtual Scent Work Test (VSWT) provides dogs and owners with an activity that uses their dog’s natural ability to detect search elements from the comfort of residence! Teams can work at their own pace to find everyday objects hidden in various locations, while building skills and self-confidence! The VSWT is the perfect way for owners to bond with their dogs and get started in the sport of AKC Scent Work.

Virtual habits at home

Virtual Home Manners is the answer when you want to continue training your dog from the comfort of your home. The program assesses the 10 necessary skills that well-behaved dogs need at home. Each VHM skill is aimed at gaining basic control over your dog, building a stronger relationship between you and your dog, and helping your dog grow into a well-behaved dog. VHM offers two official AKC titles, one for puppies and one for adult dogs.

AKC Virtual Trick Dog

Do you and your dog enjoy being the life of the party by showing off your arsenal of tips together? Then, virtually earning an AKC Trick Dog title can be the perfect home activity. Training towards an AKC Trick Dog title isn’t just for fun, it’s a great way to spend quality time with your dog and helps forge a human-canine bond that leads to a more satisfying life together.


Today more than ever, fitness is important for dogs and humans. The most recommended exercise for improving fitness is walking. AKC FIT DOG is an introductory level walking incentive program for dogs and their owners. Participation in the AKC FIT DOG program is done virtually and can benefit you and your dog’s health.

Virtual water test

The Virtual Water Test is a convenient option for owners to demonstrate their dog’s ability to recover above water. Owner or handler submits video of dog performing water test. The dog’s performance is evaluated by two field trial or hunting judges. The owner will receive an electronic certificate proving that his dog has passed the test.


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