AKC Dog Registry recognizes Mudi, Russian toy breeds

A strong Hungarian farm dog and a tiny dog ​​related to old Russian aristocracy have been recognized by the American Kennel Club.

The AKC is a private group that registers purebred dogs and organizes competitions and other events for dog owners. These include the world famous annual Westminster Kennel Club show.

AKC officials announced this week that they are adding the mudi and the Russian toy to its registry.

The Mudis are part of a large family of Hungarian Sheepdogs, comprising the Puli and Pumi breeds. Fans say the average height, shaggy Mudis are energetic, hardworking and have many skills. They say dogs can herd sheep, hunt, kill small animals called rodents and compete in these skills.

Kim Seiter is a dog from New Jersey agility coach. It has four mudis.

“They are not for the inactive person,” Seiter said. But, she added that the breed is smart and trainable.

Images of the dogs were used on stamps for mail to their home country in 2004, along with other Hungarian breeds.

This undated photo, provided by the American Kennel Club, shows the Russian Toy breed. (American Kennel Club via AP)

The other new AKC breed is the Russian toy. The AKC says small dogs should weigh no more than 2.7 kilograms and have long legs for their size. The group also says the breed has a lively demeanor.

Russian toys developed from small English terriers that won the favor of wealthy Russian landowners around four hundred years ago.

AKC official Gina DiNardo said the breed enjoys “being close to their humans, which makes them a wonderful companion for an owner who can be a lot with the dog.

The AKC is the oldest purebred dog registry in the United States. It recognizes 199 races.

Recognition requirements include having at least 300 dogs of the breed spread across at least 20 states. Many newer and popular mixed breeds, such as Labradoodles and Puggles, are not recognized by the AKC.

Some animal rights activists dislike dog breeding and the purebred market. They say the industry is abusing dogs, both purebred and mixed.

AKC says breeding can be done responsibly and helps maintain predictable qualities this people are looking for in dogs.

I am Caty Weaver.

Caty Weaver wrote this story from documents including those of The Associated Press.


Words in this story

aristocracy nm the highest social class in some countries: people with special titles (such as Duke and duchess), who usually own land and who traditionally have more money and power than other people in a society

shaggy adj. covered in long, matted hair or fur

herd v. gather and move (a group of animals)

agility nm able to move quickly and easily

stamp nm a small piece of paper that you buy and then stick to an envelope or parcel to pay for the shipping cost

companion nm a person or animal you hang out with or enjoy being with

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