10 Best Websites for Dog Owners

For dog owners, the past few years have not been easy.

You’ve had to deal with issues such as separation anxiety – when your pet becomes extremely stressed and destructive when left alone – or lack of socialization, leading to fear or aggression, all while veterinarians have been late thanks to more adoptions and checks postponed during the pandemic.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online resources that can meet the growing demand for support, help you navigate training, and learn about service and maintenance.


Separation anxiety in dogs can be difficult. Here’s how you can help.

We’ve done the legwork and rounded up our favorite sites for all dog owners to have at their fingertips, to help you with anything you might come across.

Informally known as the ASPCA, the nonprofit was founded by Henry Bergh in 1866 when he saved a horse from being beaten by a carriage driver. Since then, the organization has been saving animals. In addition to posting dogs (and cats) for adoption, the ASPCA site has tons of behavioral and health resources on how to care for your dog, Do-it-yourself dog toysand introduce your dog to a new baby.

The ASPCA has a long tradition of animal welfare.
Credit: ASPCA

It is not hyperbole to say that the AKC represents the gold standard for dog breeds. The mission of the organization is to maintain a registry and standards of purebred dogs. Lofty mission statement aside, the AKC loves all kinds of dogs and has expert resources on everything from safe cleaning products to use around your dog with the difference in characteristics between Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers.

Image of Labrador with AKC logo in background

It’s not just for thoroughbreds. The AKC has resources for every type of dog.
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What began as a sanctuary in Utah in 1984 for stray dogs and cats has grown into a national organization dedicated to the rescue, promotion and adoption of animals. The Best Friends Animal Society website has a comprehensive resource center dedicated to animal rescues and advocacy. Learn more behavior problems and find guides on how to rescue dogs safely.

Image of a person wearing a t-shirt that says "save them all" holding a chihuahua

Best Friends has a wealth of information for rescue and stray dog ​​adopters.
Credit: Best Friends Animal Society

Like an Amazon specifically for pets and pet owners, Chewy is the one-stop-shop for food, supplies, treats, toys, medicine, and anything else you might need for your dog ( or cat, horse or bird). known for his dedication to customer servicefast shipping and innovative thinking, exemplified by the launch of a veterinary telemedicine service during the pandemic.

Image of a dog playing with a stuffed monkey

The convenience of a huge bag of dog food delivered right to your door
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Whether you’re looking for a restaurant in your neighborhood or planning a vacation, check out BringFido first. The site has a database of over 250,000 pet-friendly restaurants, hotels, activities, events, and services worldwide, from dog-friendly happy hours to dog-friendly honeymoon resorts. Additionally, each entry contains detailed information about the company’s pet policy and customer reviews.

Screenshot of a map of the United States showing dog-friendly places

Know all pet-friendly locations so you can plan ahead.
Credit: Screenshot: BringFido

Written and reviewed by veterinarians and pet experts, PetMD provides health information and advice for all your parenting needs. Whether it’s something small like how to clean your dog’s teeth, or an emergency like what to do if your dog accidentally ingested weed (yeah, that happens often) this site is a great resource to bookmark.

Screenshot of a person inspecting a dog's teeth

Consider PetMD your first line of defense when treating your dog’s health.
Credit: Screenshot: PetMD

You may know Rover as a site for booking dog walkers and sitters, but did you know they have a dog blog? We love it because it solves some of the everyday problems faced by the average dog owner: What do you do with your dog on a rainy day? How long you can leave your dog alone? Additionally, there is information from its user database (with their consent), such as best dog names of 2021.

Image of a dog pulling on a rope next to the text of the main female dog names

Not just for booking sitters and dogs, Rover is also a destination for animal content.
Credit: Rover

Anyone who doesn’t spoil their dog must be made of stone, because showering our puppies with toys and treats (in moderation) is one of the best parts of having a dog. Bark Box makes this easy with a monthly subscription. To sign up you create a profile about your dog including special needs/ allergies and you can set preferences like more/less treats or more/less toys. There are also different boxes that meet specific needs like “Super Chewer” for dogs that need tough toys or “Bark Bright” for dental care.

Image of plush toys and treats from Bark Box

Rewarding your pup has never been easier.
Credit: Bark Box

Finding the right dog trainer can be daunting. Start your search with the CCPDT database, one of the most reputable organizations for certifying professional dog trainers. A trainer with CCPDT certifications (which are CPDT-KA or CPDT-KSA) tells you that they have undergone extensive and rigorous training. Not all good trainers have this certification, and not all trainers with this certification are great, but it’s a useful starting point.

Image of a dog in a park giving its paw to a woman

This site is your key to finding a trainer that works for you.
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Just like other passionate communities, Reddit is a gold mine for dog owners. Its community format is perfect for lively discussions, sharing stories and learning from other dog lovers. We like r/AskVet for direct answers from veterinary professionals and r/DogTraining for all sorts of tips and tricks, like hyper-specific articles on perfume training or how responsiveness address.

Image of a dog leaning its head on a person's laptop

Join communities on Reddit to connect with other dog owners.
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