For a vacation, even though the loan repayment is still pending?

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A vacation from work is vital to our physical and mental well being. But is it worthwhile to go on vacation if you have just started paying off a mortgage, for example, or if you only have a large loan? Many may have a conscience that it is not worthwhile to go on vacation if you have a big debt on your neck, but on the other hand, a life that is completely amusing to pay off a loan may not be a good idea. The best solution to the dilemma between a vacation and a loan payment may be finding a middle ground between expensive vacation and non-vacation. Our tips will help you enjoy your vacation even if your loan is still in progress!

Some people also borrow money to pay for the holiday itself, so it is especially important to remember to compare the cost of the loan before making a loan decision!

Choose your destination wisely

Choose your destination wisely

A smartly chosen travel destination can save you the cost of a long penny holiday trip. First of all, of course, it is worth choosing a destination where you can get cheap travel. You do not always have to go far, for example, there are interesting destinations in neighboring Finland. You should also not forget about rural tourism. When was the last time you visited a tourist attraction in your home or neighboring town?

However, if you want to travel further than the neighboring city, you should pay attention to the price level of the destination in addition to the low cost of the trip. Even if you find one hundred flights to Paris, you can certainly spend a lot of money on the destination itself. Therefore, instead of the most popular tourist destinations, it is advisable to direct the trip to less popular areas. The most favorable price level in Europe is found in the Balkan Peninsula and the countries of the region are quite diverse destinations.

Save on insurance

Save on insurance

Travel insurance can be a surprisingly large part of the cost of travel. It is easy to pay more than € 100 for a week trip to Europe. However, there is a simple solution to this problem: the completely free travel insurance that comes with your annual credit card. In addition to annual credit cards, travel insurance is included in many fairly affordable credit cards. Have you checked if your own credit card includes travel insurance?

Extras Tip: Often, credit card travel insurance is only valid if the trip is partially or fully paid by credit card. However, there is no additional cost if you pay your credit card bill in full within a non-interest payment period.

Compare and get a travel insurance credit card easily through our comparison.

Ting did a little of everything

Ting did a little of everything

Instead of staying against your will on the way to a horrible pothole or tent, you can save on travel expenses by compromising a little on everything rather than one thing.

  1. Prepare some meals yourself if you have a kitchen at the inn. Or rather, choose a place to stay so the kitchen is definitely accessible. Airbnb is a pretty good option for budget accommodation.
  2. Use public or walk around. There is surprisingly a lot of money to spend on taxi trips during the week.
  3. The web is full of tips for free or low-cost activities in almost any corner of the world. Instead of the most popular (and expensive) tourist attractions, free attractions and activities may prove surprisingly interesting.
  4. Also, reducing the length of the trip will reduce costs. Especially within easy-to-reach destinations in Europe, staying for a few days is great, and compared to a week’s vacation, there are huge savings.
  5. If you are looking for a beach vacation and can go on a spontaneous trip, sudden departures are often a great option.
  6. Off-season travel is cheaper than during the worst holiday season. Typically, July-August and Christmas are expensive travel months. Fall and spring are often significantly cheaper times for traveling.

At the end of the game, everyone knows best what they are willing to compromise on while traveling. If trying accommodation on the campsite doesn’t hurt, but expensive art museum visits are a necessity, of course you should compromise on the quality of the accommodation and invest the money in the sights. However, the key is to find something that you are prepared to cut down on, if your money is tight.

Planning your holiday spending money is made easier with your vacation budget, so you know how much money is available for different things (food, lodging, attractions, etc.). You can easily plan and monitor your vacation budget, for example, with mobile apps for budgeting.


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